Anna Bertazzoli

Personal Description

I am 25, Italian, from a small town in the north of Italy, but I have been living abroad for the past four-five years, studying, volunteering and/or working.
I have started my journey abroad with a year of Erasmus exchange in the cold Estonia, when, back in the days, I was studying Russian and English for international trade and I thought that working in the import-export sector was cool enough – I was so wrong. Only after my BA I did realise that this was not going to be my future, yet I did not know what to do next. I therefore embarked in a Masters that less resembles a specialization: Global Studies. Like, seriously? Luckily enough, I did find my way through this global thing and also thanks to a volunteer experience in a rural village in Colombia in summer 2015 I started to build my path into the development sector (read: more volunteering).
Despite all this time abroad, I am lucky enough to have a warm home and a family to come back to whenever I need, and also a job, as my family owns an organic farm, in case my future life plans will fail!

At the end of 2015 I was studying in Vienna, and the Hauptbahnhof was one of the main transit point for refugees coming from the Balkan Route: how do you just close your eyes in front of this when in class you are only discussing about global issues? I therefore started to help out during the weekends, chopping vegetables and sorting out clothes, while hearing the stories of young Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis fleeing their beloved countries. When I later came back to Italy, I started to engage myself personally in activities and projects dedicated to migrants and refugees in my hometown. However difficult the path to integration for refugees can be in Italy, I was left with the desire to see with my own eyes how the living conditions could be for the hundreds of refugees still stuck on the closed borders of Europe – and to give them a tiny light of hope for a better future.

I have recently completed a MA in Global Studies at the University of Vienna and University of Wroclaw (Poland). I did my BA in Foreign Languages and Cultures at the University of Verona.

I love cooking, especially trying to complicate my life preparing dishes that are light, nutritious, exotic and on a budged, all at the same time – so no, no pasta&pizza. I sometimes force myself to do sport and to read books.

Humanitarian Aid Mission:
Šid, Serbia: 17.06.2017 – 11.07.2017