Drama Team 2



12. August 2016 – 23. August 2016

During this service our main mission were the German classes for the men and women in the camp. The teams before us had done amazing work in establishing the classes. They bought writing material, printed study books and scheduled classes on a regular basis. The interest in the classes had grown until we came so we were happy to print new scripts and offer 2 hours of classes for the adults every day. We would have loved to do more but the classrooms were occupied on the mornings because of Arabic lessons for the children, which is great tough! These lessons were held by a friend from the camp who also helped us translate during the German classes. It would have been almost impossible to teach without the big help of out translators from the camp. Because of them we were able to make big progress and our students became better every day. Their enthusiasm motivated us to create posters, homework and even small test on their request. At the end of our service we were able to organize a cupboard for all the teaching material, as well as our students notebooks so they wouldn’t get lost.

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In the mornings we would run errands with some residents of the camp. Luckily our friend Saqr always joined us to help translate. This way we could even communicate with public authorities. After the Arabic lessons in the morning, we offered a kids program with games, puzzles and painting opportunities. During this time we were able to connect with the kids and chat with the residents. Throughout our whole service we experienced how the camp is filled with warmth and appreciation. Wherever we would go we were invited to tea and have a chat with wonderful people. They don´t lose hope despite their uncertain situation. Their strength and kindness was an inspiration to all of us on the team.