Les volontaires

Thanks to the great commitment of our volunteers, it is possible for us to support refugees over a longer period of time. Each and every one of them engage in a field of their competence, which vary a lot. While some of them favor to regularly keep our warehouse in good conditions, others prefer to head directly to the crisis area in order to work with the people there in various ways. Or they use their collected experience to address the public and hold presentations . Then there is one who is in charge of managing our homepage. Every part is valuable and important. Solely because of our colorful team we are able to achieve versatile aid and to extend consciousness. Thank you for that!

If you want to volunteer as well, just contact us! We rejoice every reinforcement!

       Anna Hartl
  Anna Florentina Bräu
         Viktoria Liedl
       Tobias Schnaitl

   Samuel Wintereder
       David Watzl
    Tamara Wintereder
       Theresa Lassnig

       Laura Tröbinger
       Saskia Weingast
         Tamara Bihr
       Hannah Feldman

     Magdalena Koller
       Nickson Sigei
       Robert Cermak
       Roman Schütz

       Ceyda Aksoy
  Elisabeth Möseneder
     Hanni Fürlänger
  Barbara Haselgrübler

Sarah Al Hashimi
Nadja Stoderegger
Philip Wallner
Camille Vern

     Anna Siegl
    Klaus Schmidinger
      Luis A. Ramirez
       Anna Bertazzoli