Luis Ramirez

Personal Description

Hello everyone 🙂. I’m Luis and I’m originally from Tamazula, Jalisco in Mexico but I currently live in Brighton, where I’m studying an MA in Environment, Development and Policy. I really love travelling and having the opportunity to meet new people, new cultures and see different ways of thinking. I’m a family-oriented guy and really love spending time with my family and friends. I am fortunate enough to have many friends so I’m always busy trying to catch up with them. I consider myself a passionate and friendly person (even though I still have my moments!).

Since I moved to Brighton and started my postgraduate degree, I have been feeling so many things and thinking about so many issues in the world. In the past, and because of my educational background, I never thought about the actual problems the world is facing, but being here has helped me to realise the problems we face nowadays.

Problems in Europe are totally different from those in Latin America, as well as the circumstances that cause them, but I think the sense of helping others is the same worldwide for those who want to help. Seeing how vulnerable people are treated is one of the main factors that motivated me to start to do something, to try to be a better human being and help those in need.

The times we currently live in are certainly not good for all humanity, but this is the best time for us to remain together as humans, show the best of us and do our utmost in every possible way. Starting with our own neighbourhoods, in our classes, and every way possible, help others directly, and donate our time. Let’s show a better face of humanity!

BA in International Business. Currently studying my MA in Environment, Development and Policy.

Photography, opera, traveling and sometimes, fencing!

Humanitarian Aid Mission:
Dunkirk & Calais. April 2017